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  1. Phaeton

    Done it again!

    FFS this is the 2nd one I've broke & they're starting to get bloody expensive, first was £20, next was £50 now they're asking £150+
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    Britney Discussion Thread

  3. Phaeton

    Britney arrives at Phaeton Towers

    Why Britney I hear your cry, well because Oops baby I've done it again.
  4. Phaeton

    Stoneleigh Kit Car Show 2021 CLUBS

    Dear Exhibitor, Apologies for the delay in contacting you regarding the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show. All our staff are currently furloughed which has added to delays. The good news is that we have finally been able to arrange for some dates for the show for later this year over the August Bank...
  5. Phaeton

    Twin Cylinder Mini Engine

    Came across Ivan's Shed on Youtube, he bought a development twin cylinder Mini engine & get's it running, quite enjoyed the no nonsense approach. Starts here where the origins are explained Pah! that doesn't work...
  6. Phaeton

    Just Checking In

    Been building but not posting, IVA cancelled due to the weather, rebooked for 13th April
  7. Phaeton

    Access to a lathe

    Anyone got access to a lathe? I need a couple spacers making, nothing complicated, I'll supply a rough drawing, basically 2off 30mm diameter tube with an 8mm clearance hole through the middle about 30mm long, but will confirm it all
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    Melvin the Mev Mevster Discussion Thread

    In case of comments
  9. Phaeton

    Melvin the Mev Mevster

    The Formula 27 came & went, the BMW R1200GS came & went, the Freestyle went, the GTM K3 came & went, then finally the Robin Hood 2B4 came & went, so what next, well the idea was to wait for Andy to get a MGF frame build to try to make a Freestylesque type buggy road legal. But in the meantime on...
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    Phaeton Robin Hood 2B4 Discussion Thread

    Placeholder for all the jokes
  11. Phaeton

    New Kit arrives at Phaeton Robin Hood 2B4

    GTM was too much like a real car so it was moved on, collected this morning, then straight after into the truck & fetched a Robin Hood 2B4. Yep I know all about their problems but it was CHEAP a few issues which should be easy to fix & then move it on whilst the market is high. 4 initial...
  12. Phaeton

    GTM K3

    As ever with me I have a list of cars to own, but once bought I then seem to move on, so bought the K3 brought it back to life but it's too much like a real car, so it's on the Fleece of E
  13. Phaeton

    Congratulations to Danny & Jane

    Baby boy arrived this morning all 3 doing well, just what the world needs in these strange times a 2nd Danny ::)
  14. Phaeton

    GTM K3 Discussion Thread

    Just on the off chance you guys want to slag off my efforts
  15. Phaeton

    New Kit arrives at Phaeton Towers GTM K3

    Early start this morning, up at 06:15 mug of coffee & out into the truck, fill it up with fuel & off I go, A14 is closed so 180 miles, 3.5 hours & a divert later I end up in deepest darkest Kent I pull into the farm for my latest acquisition. Met up with Derek who drove it onto the truck, said...
  16. Phaeton

    National Kit Car Show Stoneleigh May 2nd & 3rd 2019

    Date has been released for Stoneleigh because of the VE celebrations the format is slightly different, The show is on Saturday/Sunday instead of Sunday/Monday we can still arrive on the Friday & camp for 2 nights if that is what everyone wants.
  17. Phaeton

    Newark Kit Car Show 25th & 26th July 2020

    Can somebody who has Fecesbook check Complete Kit Cars page they are claiming it's on next year, unfortunately in September & a week that we are normally on holiday.
  18. Phaeton

    Interesting Buggy

    Bike engined but managed to get it to be 4WD FLEECEBAY
  19. Phaeton

    Mr Bumble & his mate Alfie

  20. Phaeton

    Alfie is For Sale

    Formula 27 on Ebay