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    Cheap hydragas pump?

    Let's see if a £8 test pump from China will work as a hydragas pump.... It struggled to get to 400psi (no surprise as it was rated and gauged for 325psi) so I swapped the gauge for a 600psi one and fitted some better o-rings. Now the top of the tank bends a bit where the pump mounts when you...
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    13" alloys and rally tyres.

    Now I've redrilled my front Metro hubs to suit the MGF PCD on the rear of my buggy, these 13" alloys are no good to me. I can sell them as they are with the tyres fitted, or if anyone wants just the rims, we can do a deal. This is the only one I have a picture of at the moment but the other...
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    Metro front/buggy rear subframe!

    This is in marvellous condition and is as you see it complete with drums, backplates, handbrake gubbins, drive shafts and track control links. The hubs have longer than standard studs in bit the fancy wheel you see doesn't come with the subframe! All four fancy wheels and chunky tyres may be for...
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    The Turd v2.1

    I may as well post up my project so far. I'm willing to take criticism, helpful pointers and relentless pisstaking. Back story: I have a few Magenta kit cars and Turd v1.2.2 has been my regular trackday bus until the clutch let go. I'm planning a rebuild and upgrade which may take some time...
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    You remember that Tomcat on Ebay?

    Greetings folks. I've just become the new custodian of that Onyx Tomcat that was on Ebay a while ago. The one that was built and passed the SVA test but missed the deadline to register it so now needs an IVA. So far my plans are to drop a 1.8 K-series in it (with a view to upgrade to a turbo...