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    Racetech dual gauge

    Hi all I have a dual racetech oil press and temp gauge that I had planned to use on my buggy. It's the long 12' capillary version. I planned to use mechanical gauges to keep the electric business to a minimum and maximise reliability - but I'm going for a new buggy look so this is no longer...
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    Loooooong Speedo, IVA friendly on 13s

    As i'm going to ditch my mini engine, I have a custom length (long) speedo cable and speedo for a mini engine if anybody requires one for their IVA. I'll chuck in the pod, temp gauge and rev counter too if it's desired - I don't know if the rev counter works, I never really tried to get it...
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    long time no see!

    Hi lads, firstly - sorry its been ages since I dropped in, I need to dig my buggy out and blow off the cobwebs! :o Anyway! what's going on!? :) Wagon
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    quite liked this looks fun
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    freestyle value

    What do you lads reckon market value for a Freestyle is? ??? I know its a hard thing to put a price on and its quite subjective..... but just out of interest really.
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    blitz ... 500wt_1202
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    VOSA & DVLA - The usual consistency

    .....sigh.... ??? ::)
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    TIG Welder help :p

    Seeing as that last thread was recommending MIGS..... What do you make of this AC/DC TIG Steve? Quite a good price? ... ech_Tig161 Would quite like to practise ruining alloy.... I mean learn to TIG :) Well some day...... Skint at the moment :(
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    Wagon's IVA Experience

    I did post this up on my project thread - but here's a copy for easy finding as I think I am the first IVA-er. I'll answer any questions I can :) Well as you all know, yesterday (14th may) I took my Freestyle to VOSA in Carlisle for it’s Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) test. Here are some...
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    50mm tube ends for front top arms

    As title, black bought a box so got 4 pairs spare! £2 del? Cheers
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    1" wheel spacers

    New, 1" wide, x2 £9 del Bought but now changed my mind!
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    Hiya Any buggies out there competing in anything? Hill climbs? TOTB? :)
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    another green blitz 2
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    Bit of help please - IVA application form

    Righto! Trying to fill in the application form so I can get onto the queue..... :) got a few queries though! (sorry if these are dumb!) section 3b - how do I "stamp" the chassis no onto the frame? section 3c - Q. "vehicle make and model description" A: should I put "ABS Freestyle"? section...
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    IVA/SVA - How long till you got your test?

    I was going to ask how long is the "waiting list time" to book/take an IVA test - but I thought that was a bit open ended so How long did it take you to arrange your IVA? I'd really like to have my buggy sorted by end of June which doesn't give me long!!!  :o
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    Staggered Fitment - Who's got one?

    Lets see a pic and details of what you are running!
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    I'm sure old beach buggies did wheelies.... Anybody done one in a Freestyle or Blitz??  :o
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    Wheel Arches - From where?

    Hi lads, I don't really like my wheel arches - Anybody got any suggestions of where I could buy some (Which arn't those crappy trailer ones) before I get creative with the grinder? Thanks! Al
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    Wheel Thread!

    OK everyone! Looking for inspiration so.... Post pic of your wheels with details like what size/offset and tyres you have! Go!
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    IVA Summary

    Right over the last few days I've being trying to get my head around the 294 pages of excitement which is the IVA! I've been trying to make notes to help me refer back to stuff when I inevitably fail first time round - Thought I should post up stuff for the benefit of others :) I'll edit as I...