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    Been a while .......

    Hi there! It's been a while since I gave up on th Freestyle --- then along came the Firecat ... then I started trike building from scratch, to make an E-Bay special. So ... I am nearing the final hurdle, having failed the MSVA last week, on a few minor niggles ( radius on a bolt, beam pattern...
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    Fat *rse Rear End

    A mate of mine is (possibly) after one of these for the back of an MR2 engined trike (if it can be made to fit. So. 2 questions: Can someone who has one give me a set of brief dimensions (especially the size of the bulge at the top) ? Does someone who has one want to part with it ? Ta muchly
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    Rear End Mould......

    .... sounds itchy !!! Anyway --- not strictly for sale by me, so I thought I'd put it here: A little while ago I sould a fibreglass mould for the freestyle rear end and I see he has now got it up on ebay. I have sent him pics to add to his auction, but in case they aren't up there yet, this is...
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    My latest "Toad of Toad Hall" moment.......

    After the trike is done ( which will still be a while yet) this is my latest fantasy: Looks like a fun machine, if you go for the larger cc scooter donor:
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    Adjusting ride height with AVO's

    This is proabbly a pretty basic question ... but here goes anyway ... I want to lift the body of the trike up about an inch. Have got AVO shocks installed with the height adjusting ring wound about a third of the way up. Do I need a C spanner to wind it up further, and do I need to compress...
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    This looks like fun

    Pity it only goes up to 600 cc:
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    Bearing press

    Hi there. Anyone know of a firm that hires out bearing presses ?  OK they are only £40 - £the moon to buy, but I am only going to use it on 4 bearings, then it will sit at the back of the garage gathering dust! I have tried the local Taunton hire bods and they don't seem to deal with garage...
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    Edge Trim

    Anybody seen any orange edge trim anywhere -- if so where ??
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    Fuel tank breather

    What have you guys done regarding your fuel tank breather pipe?  I have been advised to simply run a small length of pipe rearward from the breather pipe on the tank. Someone else has suggested a vapour trap on the end.  I have found a couple of these anf they seem to cost around £50plus ---...
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    Fuel gauge calibration.

    I have a reliant fuel tank and sender and an unknown fuel gauge.  How do I go about clibrating one to match the other, so it reads empty when empty and full when full ?  In simple english please  ;D
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    New Upcoming Insurance Rules

    Apparently things they are a'changin' : ... ign=mar11A
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    Made me giggle

    Click on the thumbnail for a better look:
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    Be Quick -- part comp freestyle ... 33650591d2
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    Bike engine anyone ???? ... 1c186dd8dd
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    Custom Paint

    Anybody know anyone reasonably good with a spray gun (and suitably equipped)  and not too far from the south west ??
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    Speedo help

    'Ey up. Tis time I got a speedo for mein trike. There was a time I was up on the subject, but the mists of time have removed it all from my brain !!!! OK .... engine is 1275 A+ on autobox. Front wheel hasn't a speedo drive, or the facility to mount one. So .. options are a mechanical speedo...
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    Am after a pair of 13 inch coilovers to take two and a quarter ID springs...... anybody got any lurking ?
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    Mein Trike

    In case anyone wants to see what's (slowly) happening with the trike project I have put the highlights up on a build diary at As you will see, all the hard work (and the brain work) is being done by a mate (for a suitable donation to the holiday fund). Once he has...
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    Rear Lights

    Has anybody got any of those hamburger rear lights that they have replaced with better looking units ?  I am after a pair, preferably, one with the window for the number plate light and one without.  I know they are ugly, but relatively cheap, simple and, more importantly SVA / IVA friendly...
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    Handbrake lever assembly

    'Ello again  ;D Am after a handbrake assembly this time. Cosmetic condition not important as it will not be visible (hidden under the bodywork) .