battery is working but engine will not fire


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hi guys I'm very new to this but I have a pgo rl250 and suddenly she just stopped running after I had been out in her and went to start her back up, so I changed the battery but I still have no fire up, theres no clicking noise when I turn the key I have emailed extreme quads and they suggested I buy 3 items 1.solenoid 2. magnato and the last one off the top of my head I cant think the lights are not coming on there no horn well no power at all. I would like to do any jobs on her myself so if I ever get the chance to take her to the dunes then cleaning and service will be a lot easier to do myself please please someone help thanks all sara


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Need to start with basics Sara, do you have a multimeter or access to one?



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Hi Alan sorry for delay xmas and all that out of the way and now I can get back to my bug the engine fired up when I held the egnition wires behind the key barrel so I'm guessing it's loose wires there but I've never striped things like this but I'm a hands on person Alan hope you had a lovely xmas yourself look forward to hearing from you again Sara


nice easy fix then :)

You can come round and finish my rebuild off if you like sara :)