ChaosMotorSport MKII Buggy Engine Swap


So been busy stripping and checking the engine out, have had a few issues like the previous owner snapping a manifold stud off in the block then putting the end of the stud back in on a couple of threads!! so had to deal with that (took all the remaining studs out and replaced them) it looks like there has been work done to the engine in the past - some good some not so good, but nothing that cannot be fixed - ive had the sump off and checked the shell bearings then cleaned sump and block ready for paint (sump is staying as is)

Frame has been finished at the powder coaters (Northcoat) and looks great:


Chassis is being delivered back home tomorrow where I can then start the re-assembly!!



so rebuild well underway, - got around to sorting the floor in the buggy the tread plate was looking pretty rough on top so need a clean up and prep for paint. Wasnt sure how the Raptor stuff was going to go but ran the gun at around 55-60psi and the finish is fantastic!
Heres the rear half of the floor after a wire brush cleanup

then a good coat of acid etch to give the raptor a good base, this is the half of the floor and ive dropped rivnuts into the floor to fasten down the new brake and electrics cabling

then sprayed the Raptor, which went on a treat, really impressed with it - heres the front floor section again with Raptor applied

and a close up view

And this is what it looks like in the chassis complete with new rubber edging and foam underneath to protect the frame


I'm also wrapping the front and rear bulkheads - they were just anodised alloy plate and have not stood up to the weather too well and looked a little manky :( so ive wrapped them in the same wrap I used to protect the side panels you can see the rear bulkhead in the pictures and the front one will follow soon!

Gotta get the engine build finished and the engine loom re-fitted soon too so I can get it back in



So a quick update, ive decided to wrap a few more of the panels mainly due to the alloy looking a bit crap, stripped cleaned the front bulkhead

Then sent the rocker cover off for a textured powder coating finish


And ive also been doing some more 3d printing and made a distribution box for the lighting at the rear using more wago connectors

and here it is fitted on the rear bulkhead - this has only the signal wires installed in this image i have all the other lighting cables to add back in yet

and then with the printed lid

I am hoping to get the rest of the existing loom sorted soon then i can get the engine back in !!


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Good work Rich. Will be a shame to get it dirty!

My buggy is looking a little tatty where I have been off road. Have been putting a gallon of fuel through it each evening. Great fun to give it a blast around the B roads after work. You are missing out on all of this!

Will you need an MOT now when it is back together?

Hope to see it finished soon 🙂
Great to see your updates.


Cheers Chris, I cant wait to get it on the road again!! and yeah it will just need an MOT and were sorted!!


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Cheers Chris, I cant wait to get it on the road again!! and yeah it will just need an MOT and were sorted!!
Rich I was going to say that you need a buggy to have some fun in while you are building your current but I found with my 7 build it has taken a back seat and while I have been out in the Freestyle almost every day it doesn't leave much time for anything else and all I want and seem to do is maintain and modify the buggy. 🙂



Who did the crinkle, was it local or sent away, do they do other colours?
Hi Alan, it was the same team that did the rest of the chassis, they are called NorthCoat and are just up the road from me - as for colours they can get just about anything - they have a few variations on the finish too, mine is very fine texture but they also have a leatherette kind of finish plus metallic etc


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Hi Rich your attention to detail is superb. I painted my roll cage in Elise toxic green to begin with (looked awesome) and now with over 1k on the clock and many green lanes, farm tracks etc it is looking pretty shabby and not the show piece it was once. Ended up painting everything hamerite black. Not so good for other drivers approaching but the halos help to make me stand out and very easy to touch up etc.

On the other the buggy does get used almost every day and being a muddy buggy is all part of the fun. I took it through a flooded farm road last year and muddy water comming in everywhere... I really didn't think it was that deep but once you start you can't really go back....

Hope your buggy goes straight through the MOT and looking forward to hearing your updates with you using your buggy in anger.

Also looking forward to hearing about your updates on the MK3 buggy project 😀


Hi Chris, know what you mean, only time will tell how well it will stand up to abuse (hopefully it will) - before the engine mod when she was on the road (in the distant past) I took her through the offroad setup near me, awesome laugh, like you said water coming in everywhere mud and crap all the way up the sides, grass wrapped around the drive shafts and rear suspension, but it was a lot of fun - on one such outing i cracked one front lower suspension arm and bent the 12mm rose joints (though i didnt know they were bent till i stripped it down for the engine swap) - fingers crossed on the MOT - only issue may be emissions but if ive built it right we should be ok

As for the MK3 - yeah thats still only a very basic cad model at the moment, if I get round to it at some point (and lets be honest it could be a while) there will need to be a lot of changes on the design!


So update time, and things are moving again (apart from the buggy under its own steam anyway) - so three things have happened since last time, I've re-plumbed all the brakes and this time done away with all hard lines and gone with braided PTFE lines with compression fittings, same stuff I used for all the flexi's to the hubs last time, here's a few pics

found Torques on ebay had the correct adaptor to convert my master cylinders over to use AN fittings - image shows the adaptor in the output ports

New lines in and the fluid supply in too!!


all sorted, including the brake pressure switch and you can also see the full length lines going to the back for rear brakes and clutch

Next thing was sort the Fuel tank / filler and the wiring to the pump:

pump, filter and feed and return hoses fitted to tank and the filler neck re-connected

the last bit and by far the most painful was building the replacement loom - the original intention was to modify the existing lighting loom I built to work with the Suzuki switch gear and column, however on closer inspection, I decided it would be quicker to start again with a clean loom built from scratch - there were so many changes it just wasnt worth the effort to pull the old one apart. main reason being the suzuki switchgear was designed to switch earths for everything including headlights which was a pain in the arse last time around - now with the vw light switch / column stalk and column everything went back to normal with switched positive side (like everyone else) - anyway after much frustration and scribbling of wiring diagrams I finished the loom that controls everything APART from the engine (thats still stock) and it works like a charm:

Sidelights with Dip on

main beam with optional roof spots on

Side and dip on with Indicators flashing - might not of caught these at full intensity they are really bright yellow!

So all the lighting front and rear is working now, as is power to the intercom for the helmets / rear camera etc - I can now drop the engine loom into place (im not changing that its already sorted) - then finish the engine and gearbox service and drop that back in, plan is to drop the engine in whilst its still on the buggy lift, plumb it and fire it up before putting the rest of the suspension back on (As when the suspension goes back on there is no space in garage to work around the buggy), so when I'm happy the engine is right I can button it all up and last job is putting the suspension back on and aligning it!!


Hi All, another update! - so had chance to complete the wiring and get the engine loom in and fired up!! and after a few minor issues chasing wiring faults that were not actually there I got the Dashboard and ECU to fire up:

Now granted its not the easiest to read with no dials (some thieving git pinched them the morning I picked up the engine from the breakers!) but most of the important bits are lighting up now and the couple that are not have been sorted since this image. thats about as far as I can go now without the engine installed and wired up as the ECU is going mental as it cant see the sensors on the engine - I chased a power fault for hours worried I'd cut a wire I should not of done to power the fuel pump, only to discover the reason I could not see power going to the pump was becouse the ECU could not see the crank sensor!! and therfore had shut down the pump relay!!!, so I moved back to the engine and set to, cleaning up the manifolds / fitting the new gaskets etc, this is what the engine looks like at the moment:



both manifolds are back on, fuel rail and injectors are back on, need to flip the engine tonight and fit a new oil pickup, then do the timing belt and pump and then i can button it back up, fit the turbo and pipework, put it on the hoist and fit the mainbearing seal, new flywheel and clutch - then its just the gearbox to clean up and sort the seals.. getting there slowly ;)
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