Laners "ASBO" Rebuild Discussion Thread


Blimy! I remember when that car was a show car.... it was the very first freestyle I ever had a go in :)

Will be glad to see it back to its former glory... Looks like ASBO really enjoyed it though which is what its all about!!

Sorry to be posting in your build thread.... my site my :)


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One of the Freestyle's Achilles heels is the handbrake, it's not very good at all. Noticed in the last picture you've posted that you have your cable stop brackets on the subframe. Issue with having them there is that part of the subframe will flex when you put your handbrake on, making it even less efficient. You may want to consider either beefing up the subfrane at that point, moving the brackets to inside the frame onto the channel near the seat belt mounts, or what I felt was the easy option & put a bracket across the back of the frame.




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Engines looking great!

Always have loved the look of this buggy!!!

And I have to say..... I'm sooooo jealous of your garage!!!


Hi thanks for the tip on the handbrake. I'll carry out the same mod before bolting up the subframe.
As to my garage........I work from home and so spend most of my time in it. To be honest I can't wait to get out of it.
I have 2 main passions. I've got a Triumph Bonniville America which I like to ride when the suns out and I've got a Honda XR400 which I ride on the Green Lanes when its wet and muddy. I broke my collar bone when falling off and thats what made me think that doing it in a Freestyle could be the way forward. When I'm up and running I'll post lots of video!
Catch ya later, Rob.



If you post the videos up let me know and I will link to them off the main site :)


Good to see you are cracking on with your buugy, Rob, I bet you can't wait til it's finished!.... let me know when you are done and i'll come down in mine and sample the delights of your green-lanes!