Adapters or re-drilled?

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Adapters or re-drilled?

Postby mibazza » Mon May 29, 2017 2:00 pm

Hi, I've got a couple of buggies, a custom build with Yamaha FJ1200 engine and small unknown brand gy6 engined 2 seater for puttering around our land. My question is: I bought the little buggy second (possibly sixteenth?) hand and it has crappy thin car wheels on it. The wheel hubs are 4 stud 110mm pcd. Now I went and bought 4 big fat knobbly tyre'd wheels for it at what I thought was 110pcd but turned out to be 100 pcd (my error, don't ask!) Now I have 4 wheels at +£200 total that I can't fit to my buggy and a wife that keeps asking when I'm going to fit those new expensive wheels. What is my best option? I've searched the internet what I would consider to be high and low and can't find 110pcd to 100pcd adapters anywhere. Should I take them somewhere to get the re-drilled to 100pcd? If so who does that? Kwik-fit? (I'm in the UK btw). What I'd really like to do is sell them and get 4 x 110pcd 4 hole wheels that will fit but it seems almost impossible to find here in the UK? Time is running out before 'er indoors realises I've made a boob buying the wheels and clobbers me with them.

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Re: Adapters or re-drilled?

Postby Danny » Mon May 29, 2017 9:31 pm

I had adapter plates made up but they were £100 for 2 I think

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