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Cheap Steering Wheels

Postby jason_l » Sat Jan 17, 2009 12:21 pm

Hi Guys,

Just thought i would let you know i managed to pick up a really good steering wheel for next to nothing!

Halfords, out of all the places! They seem to have reduced all of their stock of steering wheels in a local shop to me, don't know if its the same for all of them!

Got me a D shaped wheel, black metal centre with black vinyl sides and silver carbon style material top and bottom. Was priced up at £20 and when i got to the till it went through at £19.58, bargain!

Didn't come with horn or bolts but i have the bolts anyway and don't need a horn button so will make a blanking plug! Will post up a picture of it when i get a chance, just thought i would let you guys know in case you are after one on the cheap! i didn't go in there to look at steering wheels but glad i went in now!

Jason :P
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