Historic Vehicle, yeah right!


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250buggys":3sz7ym2e said:
I have always supplied the invoice from the garage.
I've never had one fit an engine, very rare anybody does anything to my cars apart from me, although I draw the line at engine tuning & wheel alignment.


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Hi and thanks for your thoughts. I cant get to and read the engine number clearly, i was partly going on what Jamriggsy wrote. Ive had bikes with no engine number given on the v5 and was under the impression that DVLA were far more interested in the frame/chassis number. Different for insurance of course, though i would question how much of a change in risk going from 998 to 1275cc really makes. No doubt you people know exactly.
The original builder died before Jamriggsy had it so we probably wont know how he registered it. Ive seen an advert for a Marlin reg 1968 G so there are others out there. Gef