Please help find a Self Build Project - For Big Bad Dom


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Hello all
Complete utter novice here looking for a project for my big brother Dom. Dominic is brain damaged 44 years old and has done every Lego Meccano and technic. We need a self build project with clear picture instructions like the Lego that he has built a phenomenal collection with.
He cannot read or write, yet he can drive any vehicle and dismantle a gearbox and rebuild it. Advice and ideas of something that is easy for him to follow with all the parts present and clear diagrams. Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated
Thanks Big Bad Dom’s brother (Marcs)


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Marcs, Not sure there are any kits that provide such an exact build manual, all kits appear to need a certain amount of 'fettling' to get everything to fit together. It might be better to get an already complete one & then dismantle it & rebuild it.

Alternatively something like a Mev Exocet is about the easiest in terms of donor to kit transfer, but again the manual is vague & expects a lot of interpretation. Good luck with your search, if you do start a build come back & let us know how you get one, we like to see pictures