Gone & done it again


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I was on feacesbook the other day & somebody put up a post about selling an unregistered Exocet, people were asking him questions, some relevant some not. anyway I made him what I thought was a fair offer based on what the last one had cost me, but he wanted more, I thought it was an unrealistic price, bearing in mind this was sight unseen apart from some images. Told him the money was there & if he didn't get a better offer come back to me, which he seemed happy with.

Yesterday I got a message from another guy who has a kit that hasn't even been started, he bought & stripped the donor, refurbished some of the parts, then fetched the kit & stored it away. Life then got in the way, his wife has fallen ill, they are looking at selling the house to downsize & the kit is in the way. So we had a talk, agreed a price & I'm fetching it on the 12th, again sight unseen, this one I think will be more involved than the last 2 as it's not even started to be built.

Target is to bring it to Stoneleigh next year with a big For Sale sign on it, we'll see if I can stay motivated to make that happen.


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Thats great Alan, Looking forward to your build project 😀

My chassis number turned up in the post from the DVLA today.


nice one alan.... I am well errrr maybe going to start looking at the mojo again soon