Been a while .......


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Hi there!
It's been a while since I gave up on th Freestyle --- then along came the Firecat ... then I started trike building from scratch, to make an E-Bay special.
So ... I am nearing the final hurdle, having failed the MSVA last week, on a few minor niggles ( radius on a bolt, beam pattern and grab handles for my rear seat victims ).
I thought I would show you guys what I have been filling the garage space with --- here she is, all trailered up to visit VOSA:



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Looking wicked fella ;D
Loving the yellow and flames, any chance of a video??

So when she passes, is she a keeper or on to another project??

Fingers crossed for next attempt at the test ;)

Steve ;D


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Cheers Steve .. a keeper I reckon ... weeelll ... for a while :)

And ... she's a mini under the skin. Despite the Phoenix body being traditionally ( and by design) usually mated to VW mechanicals, this one has been subtly modified to take a 1275 A series with an auto box.


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Looking very sweet Kev, always fancied a trike

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