Careful using disc cutters guys


Currently waiting to have tendons re attached after a disc shattered.
My own stupidity for removing the guard 🙈. I have a great photo but file to large to upload


Get well soon Rob

I was chatting to a chap who fitted laminate flooring, disc came off and cut through a rad pipe, up through the wall, across the ceiling, back down the other wall and through his leg. A huge mess.

I was flattening welds the other day with a flap disc and nicked my finger but the worst one was when I nicked my thumb knuckle with a pressure washer, didn't hurt but was a right mess.

Usually you can hear a bad disc before it goes.


Surgery was successful, tendon re- attached, apparently they run on little pulls type things & one was destroyed , that is also now rebuilt and the hand surgeon did a great job of aligning my hand tattoo 😎.
It was interesting to watch them working, it’s not often you get to see inside your own body 😂


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That geezer who was Mike Brewser's bitch on Wheeler Dealers Ant somebody, did it in the middle of his single seater programme, but that was in his forearm, his arm was just flopping all over the place apparently.