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Hi all,

Firstly, apologies if this has already been covered elsewhere but I had a search around and couldn't find the answers.

Section 4w:
- Do you guys know what the axle weights of a standard A-Series Freestyle are?

Section 8.1:
- How do I show evidence of compliance of the Fuel Tank?
It was made for me about 10 years ago by a company that builds aluminium boats but I'm not sure I have any paperwork for it.

Section 8.3:
- Not sure where to start with this one, I'm assuming I need to get a 'One-off Test' done?
Any thoughts on how I go about this?

Again, apologies if this has already been covered but this is my first kit.

Much appreciated,


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Where are these number from the IVA manual?

I seem to remember I made my weights up but from my SVA certificate for Mary, it was 235Kgs Front, 435Kgs Rear, 700Kgs Gross
Fuel tank is 03A

Fuel Tanks for Liquid fuels at Ambient Temperature
3. A fuel tank and associated equipment must not leak.
4. All fuel related components must be securely mounted.
5. All metal fuel tanks must have an earth path to prevent the build-up of static electricity (this may be a separate bonding or the mounting arrangement where it does not electrically isolate the tank).
6. A fuel tank must be constructed to withstand the environment, forces, and vibration it is likely to be subjected to during normal use.
7. A fuel tank must not be fouled by moving parts of the vehicle or mounted so that it is likely to be subject to abrasion by adjacent parts.

No evidence needed, they will ask to see the bonding so if you can make it obvious, then you don't have to start taking covers off to prove it.

Not sure what you're referring to with Section 8 as that is indirect vision?

This is what you need to be looking at

Where are you based? Can you get what you have to Newark show, I'll be there not in a Freestyle, but can go over it with you



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Hi Rick

I still have my IAC so I can give you the axle weights. Wagon posted a pic of his but the photo links are now missing. I just need to dig it out, probably have a look for it over the weekend.

The fuel tank, I wanted an age related plate from my doner year so had to show recepts for much of it. As you don't have the log book for the doner you will probably end up with a Q plate. If you read the IVA manual it states that fuel cannot leak into the passenger compartment to get round this I drilled holes in the floor for drainage and made up a seal out of fuel resistant material.

Not sure what 8.8 is without looking it up?

Personally I wouldn't even worry about form filling until the buggy is pretty much ready to book a date for your test.


Hi both,

Thanks for the input, again, much appreciated.

The sections I am referring to are on the IVA Application Form itself.
I've read the guidance notes but still none the wiser on Section 8 - I have attached screenshots for reference.

I realise I'm a long way from filling out any paperwork but I just wanted to make sure there was nothing show stopping before I started rebuilding it.

Thanks again,


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Regarding the tank no compliance needed as that is for LPG.

No certificate of conformity for buggy I had one for my Chinese buggy they were mass produced

No show stoppers as there have been at least 3 Freestyles that go through the IVA process.

You just need to read the manual a few times before and during the build so it all complies etc. 😃


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The best thing about the IVA is that if/when you fail, they give you a list of the items & when you return that is all they re-test, as long as you don't do anything silly & make very visible modifications.

So for instance if the tester is not happy with a sharp edge or lack of radius, all the ones I've met will guide you through why they have to fail it & what they are expecting, they won't give you the actual answer but as close to damn it.

My retest today was less than 15 minutes, in fact it probably too longer taking off trailer & putting it back on than the test did, https://www.muddybuggies.com/forum/...-name-shall-be-known-as-harry.3366/post-29670


Thanks both, and apologies for going over old ground.

Got a great community here, hope to meet you at some shows once I'm on the road.



Amazing, thanks chaps!

I'll stick some photos up when I get going with it.

Thanks again,