Our (very) muddy buggy.

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Yeah, it's all good until the first lap when it's covered in an inch of mud, horse shit, and oil.

Update item #1 - My arm is still buggered after breaking it 2 weeks ago and not realising. I've had a bollocking for using it from at least 2 nurses now. Guess I should behave.

Update item #2 - Possibly the last machined piece to be done - which is a good job because the lathe is up for sale (~1m bed length, 200mm over centre, 3ph, if anyone's interested):

The cover/cap for the wheel bearings, bit longer than strictly necessary because it also acts as the guide for the alloys to help with wheel changes, and it seals the hole in the centre of them at the same time to stop them collecting mud and gravel.

And, the most important of them all, item #3 - Bit of promo/workshop mug upgrade, vital performance item, knocks 10 seconds off the 0-StrongEnoughToTarnishTheSpoon time for most good teabags:


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=Brake bells on the hubs, just need to make some new discs now - the old ones are fine, but, well, they're not shiny...


(No, we're not quite that vain - but the old discs can go with the 2-pot calipers and old hubs as a complete package to sell on then, might cover the materials for the new fronts.)


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I would love a lathe if A) I could afford one. B) I had somewhere to put one. :(

But before it goes any chance of making 20off out of 20mm bar 30mm long with a 6mm thread down the centre :D

Or do you know anybody who could do it?

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Discs, just off for a quick dip at the platers to stop any corrosion between mounting surfaces (as it'd throw the disc off from running true), and then the front goes back together and outside to see how she looks in some sunshine!

Look quite large in the pictures but once they have a 1.5mm chamfer on the inside and outside they look a bit better :p

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Last batch of parts back from the zinc platers so things are finally going together with proper seals, bearings and greased up ready to go! :D








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Nah, plating the whole lot only came to 30 quid, cheaper than painting it all!

The new Wilwoods were a bit pricy, but we got give an old knackered set, so we rebuilt those, sold them on with some car-specific brackets, and a few quid towards bought shiny new ones :D

New bearings and bits in the front came to about £100-120 which made us cough a little, but it's done 2 years on the old ones, so not too bad, plus we've bored out for bigger bearings and altered the way the kingpins are held (hence the yellow DX washer in the picture), so that, hopefully, the only thing that is sacrificial wear-wise now is that washer. Which is £2.10 and 5 minutes to swap :D
Sounds a little backwards perhaps but we've spent more money this time around making sure it costs us less the next time it needs servicing, if that makes sense? ;D

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Quick snapshot as was just ticking over for 20s at a time to find leaks - haven't even dialled in the timing or fuel yet, just on my base map, as the throttle pot is duff so no point even trying until a new one arrives, also means no revvy revvy :( - found plenty of leaks, as you can hear from the whistling noises. Anyway, it's alive!