Parts List


Hi All

Is there such a list of parts and who/where you can get them from? I am aware I will be asking a lot of questions soon so really wanted to reduce the amount.

Looking for:

Gearbox and engine choices
Subframe choice/Set up
Suspension Choices
Wheel sizes/Tyre sizes
Electrical Loom and Clocks

You get the gist :'(

Thank you all for your patience :D

Mini Mad Max

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Hmmm parts list. Not aware of a list of everything you need. I just bought parts as and wheni needed them, because you could try and buy a lot of stuff in advance and find that it's not the best part for the job in the end. So my advice would just be that buy as you build and spend as much of your free time on the web as possible looking at different parts so you are aware of what's out there :p