Stoneleigh Kit Car Show 2021 CLUBS


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Dear Exhibitor,

Apologies for the delay in contacting you regarding the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show. All our staff are currently furloughed which has added to delays. The good news is that we have finally been able to arrange for some dates for the show for later this year over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

We can either have open days on Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th August or on Sunday 29th August & Monday 30th August 2021. We know that visitors are keen for us to hold a show this year and we sincerely hope that you will be able to support the show. I would be very grateful if you could let me know which days you would prefer if you wish to attend - either Saturday & Sunday with Friday set up or Sunday & Monday with Saturday set up.

The Newark Kit Car Show is due to go ahead on 24 & 25 July and we hope to have more information out to you on that soon.

I hope you and your family have been keeping safe and well and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Grosvenor Shows


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From Grosvenor today

Hi Alan,

We have cancelled Newark until 2022, but Stoneleigh will be going ahead on 28th-29th August. Our website has been updated and booking forms are being emailed to every one over the next couple of days.



That's your deadline, whose coming?

@Danny & I will be there, just depends on who else is coming whether we camp at the show ground, if nobody is staying overnight we may pitch up elsewhere & drive into the show both days.


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So they had all of last year doing rock all, they've had 6 months this year doing rock all, just as they are able to open their facilities they start construction work, you couldn't make it up, the incompetence of the Stoneleigh management

Dear Clubs,

After our meeting at Stoneleigh yesterday we have a lot of big changes to implement for this year. As all of the blocks after the main gate are currently under ground works, they are having a matting installed under the grass which will not be usable until mid-September. Stoneleigh are having this done to make up for the lack of parking as they have lost Gates 1 – 2 – 3 due to the HS2 Railway passing alongside the site. These blocks will be available for 2022, but for this year we need to condense all of our club sites onto Block 59 – 51 – 63 – 73 and the Grand Ring. I’m currently working on a new layout for all of the club sites and a new site plan for 2021. When I have this finished I can send that to you so you can inform your club members of you new temporary location for 2021.

I’m currently waiting on the ground to forward me the details for a couple of marquee companies, once I have the plan and your locations organised I can send this all out to you.

Please bear with me as creating new site plans take a bit of time, thanks for your support at Stoneleigh and I will get the information out to you as soon as I can.

If you want to give me a call to discuss anything my office number is below.


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Should have stopped hs2
I thought they were, but I suppose they'd take too much money out of their pals pockets to do that.

Anyway, is anybody apart from @Danny & I coming to stay overnight, if not were not camping on site, so might not even bother getting a stand, we'll just rock up on the days & find somewhere to park, just like we used to.


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Im going to come on one of the days over the weekend I think, but obviously without buggy - unless I drag it behind the car!!


As usual I have had 2 years to get ready and all has been great and this year I am frantically trying to get things finished :\