sva and a blitz 2


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my question is what is involved and has anyone done this to a blitz 2 and how hard was it as iv read a lot and think its all a bit scarey as iv been offered an uncomplete kit for my son i allready have one my self just for offroad use that im nearly finished as i got it allso as an unfinished rebuild but this one is an unfinished new kit any advice would be great cheers matt


l doubt anyone has put a blitz 2 through an sva recently and as things keep changing and getting more "testing" there lies your problem, l have a road regestered blitz 2 but it was regestered backin 1996 when all they did was walk round it and give you a number plate for the year that most of the doner bits came off, your petrol tank maybe an issue as its at the front and maybe in the passenger compartment, depends if you call the sheet steel that the pedal box is up against a bulkhead and if it was deemed a bulkhead it has no top on it so a split fuel tank would spray all over you ?

maybe we could start a thread to disscuss the latest iva rule book and work our way through it bit by bit, clearly things like the lights are simple enough they are either with in the required dimensions or they arnt, but l think it will still come down to personal interiptation such as is your fuel tank in the car or not ??

the blitz kr3 seems to be capable of passing an sva so perhaps it wont be a difficult as we all seem to think

edit: they also seem to be saying an sva test is £125 ???


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I think you stand a good chance of getting a Blitz 2 through the IVA, but be prepared to accept a fail on the first attempt though. Which then brings into play is it worth it? I think without checking the IVA now costs £485 with another £95 for a re-test, so £600 realistically, It might be worth just letting the unregistered one go as off-road only & buy a ready registered one.

I have a q plated road legal 1275 blitz for sale would except 2000 for it has had loads done since i have owned it rear wheel bearings and ball joints front track rod engines full service has a webber carb could do with fine setting and possibly new exhaust can needed but runs sweet was first buggy to be excepted to do london to brighton which it did with ease this year welcome to view


theres been a few buggies that have done the London to Brighton run :)

On a side note I can vouch that its a tidy Blitz :)