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green laning and playing about in road buggies

Freestyle Buggies Playing In Greenlanes

The Freestyle road buggy is not only great fun on the roads but they are awesome off road. Take a look at this video to see some road legal Freestyle buggies looning around climbing up steep muddy hills and getting their buggies airborne. There are lots of videos on the Freestyle buggy and that is because they are so much fun and versatile. … [Read More...]


That Time Of Year Again

It's that time of the year again when you start thinking about the first kit car show of the season, and that is Stoneleigh kit car show. I thought … [Read More...]

Road Legal Buggies

Road Legal Buggies Are Great Fun

Road legal buggies are something that almost all petrol heads will stop and admire when they see one. I know this because I own a road legal buggy, and I have done for over 10 years. Road legal … [Read More...]

Road Legal Buggies

Muddy Buggies 10 Years At Stoneleigh

Stoneleigh Kit Car show always marks the start of the summer for me and is one of the most important shows of the year, and I consistently try my hardest to make it and more to the point get my road … [Read More...]