Got a Freestyle Buggy at last!


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Up at 04:20 to beat the traffic last Saturday for a 6Hr round trip. Been after a freestyle for ages, shame it isn't road registered but they just don't come up that often, especially near me.


Trailer tows well


Black was my prefered colour, needs a strip & re-paint as been sitting for some years.


Engine starts & runs, no brakes though- new master cyl needed. The chap I bought it off built it & had intentions of SVA but had access to a field so kept it off road. Covered in hay, even has hay inside the guages!

I am fairly tall so not much room, the gear stick is very long and fouls my knee so will try & get a shorter stick Also I need a pedal box that is mounted in the passenger side which will give me more room.

First thing is to make a shopping list
This is what I have so far...

4 x Wheel centre caps
Pedal box (passenger side mounted)
Spare wheel & bracket (Alan has kindly offered the bracket)
Shorter gear stick
Brake master cyl
New guages, (may try & refurb the old)
Fuel tank to go behind the seats



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That is great news, thanks Danny. How much are you after incl postage. This would help me out sooo much. Have you got a pic you can upload?

Pls send me a pm with costs
Cheers Chris


Hi chris I will have a look when I get back to the uk what I have :) i am in Spain for a couple.of weeks now :)

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The exhaust mainfold is blowing badly

Exhaust Blow.JPG

So I ordered a new one


I opted for the 3 into 1, it looks a lot more compact. I have ordered a hydraulic pipe bender to help me fabricate a pipe that fits between manifold & silencer. I can also use this with the mounting for the dash creation. The aim is to reduce the exhaust pipework, fittings and tidy it up as much a possible.



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More shiny bits turned up today :D


A nice new 2 row hi flow alloy radiator, will fit this when the MG midget fan turns up, will remove the big rad at the top above the fire wall and remove the fire extinguisher/petrol tank. Possibly fit another mini rad with the electric fan in place of the extinguisher/petrol tank. Need to consult the IVA manual........

Spent ages trawling the net for gauges I liked, I was hooked on the Durite brand, they look good and come with the IVA radius bezels, but way to expensive!

So I ordered these,


Came from this company:

Gauges ordered for my custom dash:
Water temp
Oil Temp
Oil pressure in BAR would much have prefered PSI which is what is in place already (needle moves more)

I will use the original mini spedo which has the fuel gauge at the bottom (may need a customised cable length made up, hopfully not too much of a problem?)

The dash build will be some time off yet but at least I have some parts so I can think about the design.

My time has been taken up at present with building a garage to keep my buggy in, will get a photo up soon, need to get some more wood!


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Just thought I would post a few pics of my previous buggy, a KD250GKA-1 single seater.

KD250GKA-1 02.jpg

Would do 58 mph on road (fully legal) or 58 mph across a ploughed field.

KD250GKA-1 03.jpg

Imported from china in a crate and assembled by myself, came with a CE declaration of conformity and I registered it with the DVLA on a '09 plate. Had some serious fun with this living out in the sticks, fields, green lanes and dirt tracks.

KD250GKA-1 04.jpg

Always been into buggys, think it was when I watched the 1st Mad Max film I was hooked

Can't wait until my freestyle is on the road with also some off road action too.


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Took the rear mud-guards off today, they have been cut about a bit and one has some damage. I have some fibreglass matt, resin & filler so will get repairing these. Also a quick visit to Halfords for some spray paint.

mudguards (1).JPG


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Currently my buggy has no steering lock so I got hold of another outer steering column with lock but I need to re-position the lock and make a new hole so it lines up with the notch.


Easier said than done, no idea how to get the bolts out- may have to drill them out.



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Have been taking advantage of the good weather, first mudguard rubbed down ready for fibreglass repair, only 3 more to go.


Couldn't resist making a start on the repair, resin should cure nicely with this sun, shame the summer has gone!



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Got a pedal box today for the buggy, Big thanks to Lilspeed for that.

Pedal Box.JPG

Also found a short gear stick going cheap on ebay

Gear Stick.JPG

Project starting to come together now.


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Another weekend of sunshine

Pedal Box Refurb.JPG

Pedal box and pedals rubed down ready for new paint

Pedal Box Refurb (1).JPG

Lots of nice shiny bits, many more to go!

Pedal Box Refurb (2).JPG

A nice new set of pedal rubbers turned up too today.


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Been busy with the buggy


Mud guard no2 rubbed down ready for repair & primer, no3 under way. Bought a new set of indicators- couldn't decide if I liked the clear set with orange bulbs or orange lenses. Replaced like for like, may change to clear later.

Where the mud guards were mounted on the original steel brackets with 2 penny washers drilled through they were torqued right up and this has distorted the fibre-glass. May get away with it if not, filler and sanding, filler and more sanding. I intend to mount a braket to the buggy that connects under the mud guard. with a nice light weight- high strength alloy bracket.


Have repaired the damage with FB glass tissue and resin also the mounting holes, will fill with polyester resin and sand, aiming for as good as new finish in Halfors black. Since I last bought some Hamerite it seems to have doubled in cost!


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Surely this weather won't last! 4th weekend of sun on the run...

Ok so I needed a brake from sanding so I had a look at the steering lock I have.
Managed to get the bolts out with some good advice/inspiration from you guys.


I started to drill the heads out, 1st bolt- drill got jammed and put the chuck in reverse and bolt un-did itself- quick result. 2nd bolt I tapped a star drive socket into the hole I drilled in the bolt head and tapped it out with my impact driver- just the tool for the job.
Then proceeded to measure the previous hole against the notch in the steering column. Notch = 15x22mm, marked it out, drilled it a bit and removed the excess with a dremel.


My buggy now has a fully functioning steering lock, just needs a rub down and spray in Halfords black to match the other good bits- plenty more to go...


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Looking to get a set of steel wheels for of road use so that means I will probably have to design a bracket to raise and lower the mud guard.


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Danny":3hxmne2h said:
I have a set of steel wheels if you are interested

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Thanks Danny- that would be great, is it just the rims or are there tyres included?

Is it collection only as I am a bit of a treck from you or are you able to send with courier?